DBIS'2020 Tallinn, Estonia
Baltic DB&IS 2020
June 16-19, 2020, Tallinn, ESTONIA
14th International Baltic Conference on Databases and Information Systems


Papers invited to be published in open access electronic journal BJMC

After rigorous discussions, the organizers have decided to invite the following papers to be included in a special issue of BJMC dedicated to the 14th Baltic DB&IS held 16-19 June 2020 in Tallinn:

  • Application Development for Hand Gestures Recognition with Using the Depth Camera,
    Dina Satybaldina, Gulzia Kalymova and Natalya Glazyrina
  • Complexity Issues in Data-Driven Fuzzy Inference Systems: Systematic Literature Review,
    Diana Kalibatiene and Jolanta Miliauskaite
  • Composition of Ensembles of Recurrent Neural Networks for Phishing Websites Detection,
    Paulius Vaitkevicius and Virginijus Marcinkevicius
  • Floor Selection for Automated Travel with Smart Elevator,
    Uljana Reinsalu, Tarmo Robal and Mairo Leier
  • Managing Security Risks in Post-Trade Matching and Confirmation using CorDapp,
    Mubashar Iqbal and Raimundas Matulevicius
  • Rule Discovery for (Semi-)automatic Repairs of ETL Processes,
    Judith Awiti and Robert Wrembel
  • Simultaneous Road Edge and Road Surface Markings Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks,
    Rene Pihlak and Andri Riid
  • The Use of the Recommended Learning Path in the Personalized Adaptive E-learning System,
    Vija Vagale, Laila Niedrite and Svetlana Ignatjeva
  • Towards DSL for DL Lifecycle Data Management,
    Edgars Celms, Janis Barzdins, Audris Kalnins, Arturs Sprogis, Mikus Grasmanis, Sergejs Rikacovs and Paulis Barzdins
  • Using Machine Learning for Automated Assessment of Misclassification of Goods for Fraud Detection,
    Margarita Spichakova and Hele-Mai Haav
  • Specialized image descriptors for signboard photographs classification (Best short paper),
    Aleksei Samarin, Valentin Malykh and Sergey Muravyov
  • Towards Transforming Natural Language Queries into SPARQL Queries (Best DC paper),
    Majid Askar

Please find the papers published in BJMC Vol. 8(2020) No. 4.

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