DBIS'2020 Tallinn, Estonia
Baltic DB&IS 2020
June 16-19, 2020, Tallinn, ESTONIA
14th International Baltic Conference on Databases and Information Systems


Submissions on the following topics, but not limited to, are welcome to be submitted to Baltic DB&IS 2020:

Enterprise and Information Systems Engineering

  • Business process management
  • Business process modelling, analysis, and engineering
  • Requirements engineering
  • Enterprise architecture and frameworks
  • Model-driven engineering
  • Aspect-oriented analysis and modelling
  • Domain-specific languages and tools
  • Blockchain technology
  • Data warehousing
  • Testing and validation

Web Information Systems

  • Evaluation, usability, and interfaces
  • User modelling and personalization
  • Web-Scale data management (indexing, crawling, etc.)
  • Social Web and social Web mining
  • Applications and services in government, medical, legal, education, and other areas
  • Information retrieval

Architectures and Quality of Information systems

  • IS Architectures (SOA, multi-agent, process-aware, cloud-based)
  • Cyber-physical systems
  • Internet of things (IoT), and applications, reliability and security
  • Privacy and trust in information systems
  • Quality of services
  • Integration and (semantic) interoperability
  • Distributed, mobile and open architectures

Security of Information Systems

  • Security of data, information, and processes
  • Security countermeasures and implications, and access control models
  • Security errors and correction methods
  • Secure system development principles
  • Big data integrity

Spatial Data Science

  • Spatial data analysis methods and applications
  • Spatial data modelling
  • Spatial data mining
  • Spatial data interoperability
  • Applications in 3D modelling and smart cities

Artificial Intelligence in Information Systems

  • Data science for AI
  • Machine learning
  • Smart services
  • Cognitive computing
  • Big data mining

Data and Knowledge Engineering

  • Knowledge representation and reasoning
  • Ontology modelling, design and applications
  • Semantic metadata, Linked Data and applications
  • Domain analysis and modelling techniques
  • Applications and case studies in education, training and other areas

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