DBIS'2020 Tallinn, Estonia
Baltic DB&IS 2020
June 16-19, 2020, Tallinn, ESTONIA
14th International Baltic Conference on Databases and Information Systems

List of Accepted Papers

Accepted Full Research Papers

  • Janis Zemnickis, Laila Niedrite and Natalija Kozmina. A Little Bird Told Me: Discovering KPIs from Twitter Data
  • Riina Maigre, Hele-Mai Haav, Rauni Lillemets, Kalev Julge and Gaspar Anton. A Method of Comparative Spatial Analysis of a Digitized (LiDAR) Point Cloud and the Corresponding GIS Database
  • Dina Satybaldina, Gulzia Kalymova and Natalya Glazyrina. Application Development for Hand Gestures Recognition with Using the Depth Camera
  • Erki Eessaar. Automating Detection of Occurrences of PostgreSQL Database Design Problems
  • Darja Solodovnikova and Laila Niedrite. Change Discovery in Heterogeneous Data Sources of a Data Warehouse
  • Diana Kalibatiene and Jolanta Miliauskaitė. Complexity Issues in Data-Driven Fuzzy Inference Systems: Systematic Literature Review
  • Paulius Vaitkevičius and Virginijus Marcinkevičius. Composition of Ensembles of Recurrent Neural Networks for Phishing Websites Detection
  • Zigmunds Beļskis, Marita Zirne and Mārcis Pinnis. Features and Methods for Automatic Posting Account Classification
  • Uljana Reinsalu and Tarmo Robal. Floor Selection for Automated Travel with Smart Elevator
  • Justinas Rastenis, Simona Ramanauskaite, Justinas Janulevicius and Antanas Cenys. Information Security Training Impact to Recognition of Phishing Attack: Case Study of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
  • Mubashar Iqbal and Raimundas Matulevičius. Managing Security Risks in Post-Trade Matching and Confirmation using CorDapp
  • Henri Ots, Innar Liiv and Diana Tur. Mobile Phone Usage Data for Credit Scoring
  • Artur Wojciechowski and Robert Wrembel. On Case-based Reasoning for ETL Process Repairs: Making Cases Fine-grained
  • Viktorija Leonova. Review of Non-English Corpora Annotated for Emotion Classification in Text
  • Judith Awiti and Robert Wrembel. Rule Discovery for (Semi-)automatic Repairs of ETL Processes
  • René Pihlak and Andri Riid. Simultaneous Road Edge and Road Surface Markings Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Janis Bicevskis and Girts Karnitis. Testing of Execution of Concurrent Processes
  • Ingus Pretkalniņš, Artūrs Sproģis and Guntis Bārzdiņš. Text Extraction from Scrolling News Tickers
  • Vija Vagale, Laila Niedrite and Svetlana Ignatjeva. The Use of the Recommended Learning Path in the Personalized Adaptive E-learning System
  • Edgars Celms, Janis Barzdins, Audris Kalnins, Arturs Sprogis, Mikus Grasmanis and Sergejs Rikacovs. Towards DSL for DL Lifecycle Data Management
  • Marcin Pietranik, Adrianna Kozierkiewicz and Loan T.T. Nguyen. Updating ontology alignment on the instance level based on ontology evolution
  • Margarita Spichakova and Hele-Mai Haav. Using Machine Learning for Automated Assessment of Misclassification of Goods for Fraud Detection

Accepted Short Communications

  • Thouraya Sakouhi, Jamal Malki and Jalel Akaichi. A Mobility Data Model for Web-Based Tourists Tracking
  • Justas Kazanavičius and Dalius Mazeika. Analysis of legacy monolithic software decomposition into microservices
  • Szymon Olewniczak, Tomasz Boiński and Julian Szymański. Bidirectional Fragment to Fragment Links in Wikipedia
  • Uldis Zandbergs and Jānis Grundspeņķis. Development of Ontology Based Competence Management Process Model for Non-Formal Education Service Providers
  • Vineta Arnicane, Juris Borzovs and Anete Nesaule. Do We Really Know How to Measure Software Quality
  • Seoyoon Jang and Jihoon Kang. Efficient Data Transmission Method Considering Hierarchical Data Structure in Heterogeneous IoT Environment
  • Irina Astrova and Arne Koschel. How the Anti-TrustRank Algorithm Can Help to Protect the Reputation of Financial Institutions
  • Peteris Paikens and Arturs Znotins. Human-in-the-loop conversation agent for customer service
  • Alexandre Quemy and Robert Wrembel. On Integrating and Classifying Legal Text Documents
  • Aleksei Samarin, Valentin Malykh and Sergey Muravyov. Specialized image descriptors for signboard photographs classification
  • Irina Astrova and Arne Koschel. Using Market Basket Analysis to Find Semantic Duplicates in Ontology

Accepted Doctoral Consortium Papers

  • Arsen Nasibullin. Fault Tolerant Distributed Join Algorithms in RDBMS
  • No'aman M. Ali. Aspect-Oriented Analytics of Big Data
  • Karolis Noreika. Business capabilities utilization enhancement using Archimate for EAS projects delivery in an agile environment
  • Olga Zervina. A Linguistic Analysis Of Startups In The Context Of The Air Transport Industry Management
  • Majid Askar. Towards Transforming Natural Language Queries into SPARQL Queries (BEST PAPER AWARD; Doctoral Consortium 16 June 2020) 
  • Marina Pinčuka. Importance of the use of Analytics in Requirements Engineering
  • Konstantinas Korovkinas. A Hybrid Method for Textual Data Classification Based on Support Vector Machine with Particle Swarm Optimization Metaheuristic and k-Means Clustering.

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