DBIS'2020 Tallinn, Estonia
Baltic DB&IS 2020
June 16-19, 2020, Tallinn, ESTONIA
14th International Baltic Conference on Databases and Information Systems

Presenter Guidelines

Baltic DB&IS 2020 is organized as a virtual conference due to the global outbreak of the COVID-19 corona virus.

Preparing your presentation for virtual conference

For the virtual conference each author should prepare a pre-recorded presentation and deliver it to conference organisers in mp4-format. The length of such video is 8-10 minutes.

Although there is no standard template for Baltic DB&IS 2020 (pre-recorded) presentations, you are expected to follow the best practices and make sure that your pre-recorded audio-visual presentation:

  • Has a clear focus on the research contributions,
  • The readability of visualizations and text is of good quality,
  • The footer contains the presenter/authors name, conference name and dates,
  • Slides are numbered,
  • Logos are allowed on the title slide only.

The aspect ratio of the video should be 16:9, and maximum resolution 720p (1280x720 pixel), which is also the recommended resolution. The final file size should not exceed 500 MB.

See instructions (below) on how to record a presentation.

What to submit?

  • Pre-recorded presentation as MP4 video file, 720p (1280x720 px)
  • Short biography up to 500 characters (with spaces), including the full name of the speaker
  • Speaker photo (passport style) (optional)
  • Optional poster in PDF format to accompany your presentation
  • Manuscript of your article (PDF) or a link to your manuscript in institutional repository.

How to submit?

Before submitting your materials, please zip them together into one archive file, and name the container according to your paper ID, e.g., if your paper ID=1, then the filename should be presentation_1.zip. For Doctoral Consortium papers please add the prefix DC in front of the paper ID, e.g., presentation_DC-1.zip.

You can use the following options to make your presentation.zip container available for us:

  • Firefox Send service (up to 1GB is free to share), use the conference official address dbis2020@ati.ttu.ee,
  • Upload the files to DropBox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive and share a link with us at dbis2020@ati.ttu.ee.


All pre-recorded presentations should be received by us latest by 01 June 2020.

By sending us your material, you agree with its publication within the scope of the Baltic DB&IS 2020 conference.

All presenters are expected to be available and to be committed to promptly answer questions in the session forum.

How to record a presentation?

There are many options and tools to choose from to record your presentation.

  1. Microsoft Powerpoint
  2. OBS Studio open-source and free software:  https://obsproject.com
  3. Loom video recording software: https://www.loom.com
  4. OpenShot video editor: https://www.openshot.org/
  5. VSDC video editor: http://www.videosoftdev.com/
  6. ActivePresenter: https://atomisystems.com/
  7. For transcoding your video you may use HandBrake: https://handbrake.fr

ACM has a good guide on Remote Video Presentations: https://medium.com/sigchi/a-remote-video-presentation-guide-93957c63aa7a

Please DO NOT submit your presentation in PPT/PTTX/PPSX or other alternative formats.
All presentations should be exported to MP4 videos



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